10 snowiest places on Earth


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10 snowiest places on Earth



Mount Washington, USA
There’s an average of 282 inches (716.7 cm) of snowfall every year, according to the Weather Channel. Hurricane winds also run wild through Mount Washington.

Valdez, USA
According to Weather.com, Valdez is the snowiest place in Alaska. Valdez gets over 300 inches (762 cm) of snow, making it the perfect spot for sports like snowboarding and heli-skiing.

Mount Rainier National Park, USA
This national park is located in Washington state. The area set the world record for the most snowfall in a single year (1,122 inches over the winter of 1971-72) , according to the National Park Service.

Shirakawa, Japan
Shirakawa is known for its dense forests, and has a reputation for experiencing snowy weather. The town gets around 415 inches (1,054 cm) of snow every year, according to the Smithsonian Institution.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a commune in the French Alps. It hosted the first ever Winter Olympics, this in 1924. According to Mother Nature Network (MNN), Chamonix received 312 inches (792 cm) of snow in 2016. That makes it a perfect destination for skiing and other winter sport activities.

Houghton and Hancock, USA
Houghton and Hancock are two cities that are located on either side of Portage Lake, Michigan. As reported by MNN, both places experience over 90 days of snow every year.

Rochester, USA
Rochester in New York state gets around 99 inches (251 cm) of snow every year.

Akita, Japan
Akita is the capital of the Akita Prefecture in Japan. The city is characterized by its snowy weather. An average of 107 inches (271 cm) of snow falls here every year, according to MNN. During winter, the city hosts an array of seasonal festivals.

Saguenay, Canada
Saguenay is a fairly new city. Founded in 2002, the destination is made up of smaller towns and municipalities. The region surrounding this city in Quebec gets around 123 inches (312 cm) of snow every year.

Syracuse, USA
Syracuse is an industrial city located in New York state. The place has a cool reputation for frosty weather. The city receives an average of 124 inches (314 cm) of snow every year.



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